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One of sports greatest curiosities has been a big money maker at events for decades. Young and old alike want to test their pitch & kick speed against a radar gun. This is the opportunity for a truly fun sports related business that's part time and all CASH!

The Mody Company is a trusted radar supplier and
consultant to numerous top flight companies,
organizations & agencies.

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Richard Petty Driving
BF Goodrich
Global Athletics
AIM Engineering
One Hockey
Lockheed Martin
Seattle Mariners
Golden Lacrosse
MLB Network
Mega Putt
Trans Freight
Cingular Wireless

Sports Illustrated
Family Circle Cup
WTA Tour
Tennis Canada
National Soccer Hall of Fame
Discovery Center Museum
Baltimore FORE Foundation
ESPN Radio/Cold Pizza
US Water Polo
Air Space MMC Japan
NamHa Co Vietnam
Patomic Power
US Army Core of Engineers
California DOT
NCAA Final Four