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Over the years, owners of a Mody Company Speed Pitching Booth have been kind enough to email me about the success they are enjoying. Below are some of my favorites!

Subject: Makin Money
Received: 07/20 11:49 AM
From: Cindy and George Backstein

I did a Taste of Downtown, like in Chicago, it was the best of the 3 years that I have done this event. Also Gus Macker was in town so that really helped. Was busy from noon to 9:oo p.m. when I said that was it and decided to call it quits. Was busy the intire time and sometimes we counldn't keep up on the inflatibles being blown up. Lucky I had my son, he hit 85 mph, and my wife. Did over $700 for the day and this lead to Sunday at the Gus Macker for 5 hrs. even if it was a lot slower. I had a 32 y.o. guy hit 90 mph seveal times in 15 throws and it was awsome and he doesn't even play ball since college. All I can say is it was a awsome weekend.

Subject: First show
Received: 08/24 9:26 PM
From: ProRadar

We set our booth up (for the first time) at the mall. We were there Friday and Saturday from 10am until 9 pm and Sunday 11 to 6. We made a total of $1206. After paying our rent to the mall, insurance and prizes we came away with about $800 profit. Pretty good, huh? I also booked two fundraisers and gave out several business cards. I learned a lot about the operation of the booth. We had people non stop. It was a great weekend. The fastest pitch for guys was 82 mph by a senior high school pitcher and 59 for women by an ex-softball player. The mall has already asked us to come back for their kids christmas party and their fathers day extravaganza. We ran out of our mlb and nfl prizes on Sunday and gave away cold gatorade, but people did not seem to care if they got a prize or not!

Did two more shows. One Labor Day weekend in a very small town called Oak Creek. I gave away the inflatable NFL and MLB stuff. It was a huge success. I made $900 and only worked 11a-5pm all three days. Another was a big festival this weekend. I made $850. It was good except the power kept going out. I lost about $200 because of the power. Not too happy about that but....not bad money for two days of work. Thought I would let everyone know that I have had great success with the inflatable NFL footballs. Everyone seems to like them. I get them from RI Novelty and they cost about 60 cents each. Plus I give away MLB and NFL stickers and Tatoos to anyone who doesn't win. The parent's like it and they are not too expensive (from Play by Play). They have the WWJD stuff too and that is "in" here! The lanyards are great prizes. Everyone seems to like them and they don't take up much room. Just thought I would let you know......we are pretty happy!! Thanks.
Mike and Lori

Subject: Great July
Sent: 07/16 8:43 PM
From: William Guilford

Hey Tom, On Friday I was at an Air Force Base for 4 hours in the afternoon and evening. I was paid a flat fee. I went for a pretty low fee because I wasn't sure what to expect. The Panama City festival turned into a two day event when they decided that all vendors had to be in place by Saturday afternoon to avoid traffic problems on Sunday. Saturday was slow because they only had a couple of bands playing between 6 and 10 p.m. Sunday was a whole different story. It cranked up at 1pm and was steady, though light until about 6pm. From 6pm till 9pm I was jammed up and got no break at all. Then the fireworks went up and after that the line reformed and I stayed busy for another hour. I grossed over $700 dollars and was pretty happy.

Subject: Pop Up Cage
Sent: 04/17 9:43 PM
From: Chris Herie

Hi Tom:, I purchased a speed booth set up from you a couple of years ago and we are doing great! I was interested in buying the pop up cage system and I was wondering a couple of things. How strong is it, does it hold up to ball hitting it? And what is the cost? Thanks, Chris Herie

Subject: Update
Sent: 07/21 6:43 PM
From: Jeff Laroux,

Hi Tom, It's that time of year again when the wheels are turning and everything is in motion. This years numbers are better than last. The family (my wife and children aged 13 and 11) and I worked for 4 days and grossed over $1,600.00 CDN. From that amount, we gave a local volunteer fire department almost $200. I paid the kids a paltry sum of $25 each plus whatever other money they requested, paid our overhead and came out with almost $1,000 clear. That was all in four days. My "normal" job nets me approximately $1,100 every 15 days. So if anyone has their doubts that they cannot make any money at this, have fun and meet some great people, they need to have another look.

Keep in mind that this area is really rural, we are making some real progress. Besides, I gained 2 additional bookings. One is for July 31st in a very small community and another for August 28, when the Budweiser Caravan will be in the local area. They should help promote the business immensely.

Thanks again,
Jeff Leroux -Gagetown, New Brunswick Canada

Subject: RE: flyers
Sent: 9/15/20 10:43 PM
From: George Backstein

Thanks for the info. I put together something from your web page that I think will work. Did a church festival yesterday and did a little over $270 for 6 hours. Kids kept me busy with the $4 all day special and I had to stop for ten minutes to rest but we all had a lot of fun. Later, George

Subject: Re: Radar Gun
Sent: 7/19 7:21 AM
From: Dino Roth

Hi Tom! The Radar Gun is great!! I controled the speed limit in front of our house ( speed limit of 30 km/h ) - the cars was faster than 75 km/h I can't belive it!! So today the police checkde the speed and a lot of drivers loos there driving licence ! Thats good !! Greadings from Germany, Dino

Subject: Forms Purchase
Sent: 3/17/
From: Russell Williams

Hi Tom: I just wanted you to know that I had a pretty good season last year and I am looking forward to this one. I was wondering if you could let me know the price of the Sponsor Pledge Sheets, both the Kick-A-Thon and Pitch-A-thon. These are the duplicate forms. Also, I was wondering if you also have the awards certificates and how much they cost. Also any prizes you might suggest for Fund Raisers. Thanks.

Subject: SpeedCo Pitching Booth
Sent: 07/22 6:24 PM
From: Paul Lamb

Tom... Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how we've done so far with our speed pitching booth. Our first outing was July 4th at a small festival where we took in $232, far and above our expectations.

Just this past weekend i set up at a baseball tournament on Friday night and all day saturday. The tournament had about 35 teams all at one location. We grossed just under $600. Tournament officials loved it, plus i feel i may end up gaining a pitch-a-thon or two out of it also. Have already lined up several dates with a local dirt track to set up along with some more festivals, plus a soccer tourney in the spring with at least 150 teams in it. What does the small "A" tent by itself cost. May want to get one for smaller events i'm trying to do by myself. Thanks ...Paul Lamb

Subject: New Place
Sent: 5/20 7:53 PM
From: William Guilford

Hey Tom ... Remember a long time ago when I talked about getting to set up at some of the Panama City Beach resorts someday? (probably not). Well I am going to be at one of the premere resorts beginnig the Friday leading into the Memorial Day weekend. If things are good I'll be there the whole four days. They gave me the choice of where I wanted to set up, so I will be at their main entrance to the beach.

They asked me to put together a flyer that they can give to their guest. Have you put together this type flyer before, if so, could you fax me a copy? I have some ideas, but like to bounce them against anything you may have done.

I am going to charge $2 for 5 throws. This IS a major resort. But I am considering doing a $5 for all day fee also. What do you think? I am also thinking of a Fast Pitch contest. During the day anyone can enter by paying $1 more. At the end of the day the five fastest pitchers will go head to head and collect the pot of entrance fees. Have you ever done anything like this and what are your thoughts.

You might also be interested to know that I am pretty well booked for July. I will be at celebration festivals on the 4th and 5th. On the 24th - 27th I will be at the Little League World Series playoffs for the state of Florida. It is being sponsored locally by one of our leagues. In between I am at different tournaments and fun days. I am even booked into events in October and November already.

Subject: (no subject)
Sent: 10/25 9:59 PM
From: Bob Wiseman

Tom... Just wanted to update you. Last Sunday I did really good, took in about $400 in 6 hours including drive time and setup. A little disappointed about the big tournament this weekend. Was at a 10 field location but only did $350 for the weekend, I think it was the location. Even their concession stand didn't do much. Live and learn, right!!!! Thanks ... Bob Wiseman

Subject: Wow
Sent: 02/23 9:35 PM
From: Jeff Dowling

Hi Tom, I can't believe the response I have gotten. Have heard from 4 more tourneys today and a couple of small events yesterday. i am telling people I am getting a huge response and they are all going to get back to me within the week. I also have gotten two board members to verify that i am a good guy. One is from a huge league in Philly and one is from a league here in NJ. The guy down in Philly has told me he wants me for their two big tourneys one at Labor Day about 180-200 teams and there really big one over Thanksgiving 250-300 teams. Oh ya one other thing, I talked to my college soccer coach and wnats me to go to, ready for this, South Dakota and maybe do this in the fall. Thats wher I went to college and was a pretty good soccer player (all conference 2 years) Jeez i just might do it... Jeff

Subject: Re: Thanks!
Sent: 07/03 9:50 AM
From: Jeff Leroux

Thanks again Tom......further update.......on the last day, Wednesday, July 1st (same as your July 4th, we took in another $680....WOW! All this from a small community. Our "Speeders" board was a great attention grabber. In the "Gals" 21-30 age bracket, we had a couple of sisters square off.....first 60 mph...then the younger sister threw at 63 mph. Ask me if the crowd wasn't buzzing after that. Again, thanks for the all of your assistance!... Jeff

Subject: Pitch A Thon
Sent: 2/14 3:23 PM
From: Dave Kolbfleisch

Hi Tom, Just a note to let you know that I have talked to 3 Little League saveraging 500-800 kids per league) and they are all very interested in the Pitch A Thon. Also, one has asked me if I would set up for their tournament at the end of the year. They are hosting the regional tournament and this will run for two weeks. I haven't even talked to the other leagues in the area. I told them that if they wanted to do this that I needed to start setting the dates up. I also am going to do a card show, mainly for exposure. The show is giving me a space and is using it to draw people to the event. This is only the second year for the show. I hope that it does well... Dave.


During my years of operating my booths I wrote a hard copy newsletter for owners and prospects. Much of the operational content is still applicable today.

Volume 19
New Item Review, Early Event Scouting, Fund Raise Nationally, Product Watch, Email bag

Volume 18
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Volume 17
E-mail WOW!, Planning Refocus, Set-Up Tips, Spicing It Up, News & Notes.

Volume 16
Holiday Blues, Promotion Possiblities, Work In A Pinch, Booth Records, News & Notes.

Volume 15
Content Consisteny, Proper Planning, Easy Events, Cash Considerations, Winning.

Volume 14
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Volume 13
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Prize References, News & Notes.

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Battery Tips, Tax Deductions.

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