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Quarterly Strike Newsletter Volume 10

Picture The Pitcher

Me and my computer have all kinds of fancy ways of presenting my speed pitching booth. Of course, without photos, the point will never really get across. Taking photo's of your booth in action is a simple way to save yourself a thousand words in describing it. Despite your best description, a photo perfectly makes the point at how compact, safe and attractive your system is. As you can see, I use the photo's on my all my promo literature but simply handing out a basic color photo with a cover letter is all you need. Most promoters just need the visual assurance of the set-up and it will aide them better in finding suitable space. Without the photo they may be inclined to put your booth in place they feel will best suites their uncertain expectations... out of the way!

Family A Fair

Working your "Part time" business with family & friends

With both parents working in many households, finding time to spend with the kids or as a family can be pretty limiting. Then the time you do find is usually carting them off to a league game or other social function. Are the disciplines and lessons in life being taught by your kids coach, teachers, friends and everyone else except you. Oh, sure I may be a bit over dramatic here but I am leading up to something; and you know what it is. Making the speed pitching booth a family affair.

When I go to festivals with my booth I'll notice a large amount of kids helping the family with their food & merchandise business and it sure seems a great way for a kid to learn the basic responsibilities of work as tutored by what should be their most important influence, their parents. The speed pitching booth is equal to this task. In fact, it's probably a business more related to their interests. It's also a business with great fleixibilities. Between fairs, malls & sporting events you'll be covering places the family like to go anyway.

Now the booth does not require a family of five to operate like a food vendor and there will not be a great deal of chores to delegate but in many ways it's the hassle free environment in running the booth that makes your time together much more bonding. Obviously, one person can set up and operate my systems but a parent and sibling team of 2 or 3 can ease the burden of large crowds which can be overwhelmingat times. One person timing, one fetching the balls and one collecting money are simple chores to handle for anyone. Bathroom breaks are not a problem and lunches are easily paid for.

Again, the important point to stress is that you will be in places the kids go anyway. I take my girl friend to some of my mall shows, she shops often and stops by to visit and give me a break. No doubt most families could fit in a little fun side job along with their shopping enjoyment. Most parents are amused by only a small portion of activities at fairs but the kids have freedom to roam and play then spend some time working a fun activity their friends will be at anyway. Taking the booth to your kids soccer tournaments is a great way work and be with them at the same time, plus, you can be helping the league generate funds.

Most exciting is the opportunity you have built for them when they become 16. They'll have a summer job which you have passed along and which will be there whenever they need it. The training, ethics and morals will have been taught by you and hopefully, instilled for a lifetime. Finally, not forgotten is that the speed pitching booth is a fun business with unlimited potential. Enjoying their work while making more than minimum wage ensures a great attitude about the responsibilities of work and running their own business. So , make your pitching booth more than a business opportunity make it a family business opportunity.Now the booth does not require a family of five to operate like a food vendor and there will not be a great deal of chores to delegate but in many ways it's the hassle free environment in running the booth that makes your time together much more bonding. Obviously, one person can set up and operate my systems but a parent and sibling team of 2 or 3 can ease the burden of large crowds which can be overwhelming

6 Steps To A Successful Fund Raiser

How to make Pitch-A-Thon & Kick-A-Thon work at their maximum Potential

1. Get Your Info Out:
Where ever I go I have plenty of fundraising outlines with me to hand out to unsuspecting coaches and even players that get timed at my booth. I also keep a stand with fliers next to my booth so people can simply take one. Let anyone within ear shot know of your fund raiser and be clear that it is different than the standard set up pay to play operation of your booth.

2. Sift Through The No's:
Many leagues are unorganized and the people running them are unmotivated or oblivious to change. That means most people that take your flier will never even call for more info and many leagues you do solicit will be uninterested at the present time. Like any good salesman, get through the "no's" to that one "yes" then let all the "no's" know how well the "yes" did.

3. Be The Expert:
Most people that give you a "yes" need your lead to make things work. Be sure to tell them they can run it however they want but in reality it's mostly your call. Take as much load off them a s possible and tell what will make this work best.

4. Go Where The Kids MUST Go:
Try to tie the fundraiser in with another event so you're positive the kids will show. Holding just a Pitch-A-Thon will not ensure parents will bring their kids. However, holding it at practice or a game where they are committed to be is the best way to ensure a full turnout.

5. Give The Kids Incentives To Do Well:
It's standard for me to give out certificates to all the kids and trophies to top achievers but the bottom line is, who cares how fast they throw. You want them raising money so make prizes available to top funds getters. I also like to make sure every kid who reaches $100 gets something. I'll usually agree to take $20 off the top towards a prize for kids who collect $100. So, $20 would go towards their prize and $80 would be where mine and the leagues cut would be divided.

6. Discuss Room For Improvement:
After the event quickly asses the good and bad then get right in planning for next year. Every time you make a point be sure to begin by saying, "Next year, we'll have to get the girls teams involved as well". Plant the seed you want this to be annual and that it can be even better next time.

The Fundraising programs Pitch-A-Thon & Kick-A-Thon should be familiar to anyone receiving past issues of Quarterly Strike. To receive detailed outlines of this program, please contact me or reference our web site.

Trigger Happy

Most speed guns have 2 options of operation, "Continuous" & "Trigger".
Easy use would be "continuous" since the gun clears the display automatically. Unfortunately, with todays technology, all kinds of radio wave interference like on site radio broadcasts, cell phones and even store theft detectors makes the continuous setting troublesome at times. Also, the body motion of a participant can be read instead of the throw. That's when you make the switch to manual trigger mode. On "trigger" the gun will not reset the score until you press the trigger. Outside interference or body motions can be filtered out by pressing the trigger once the throwing motion is completed and the ball is just leaving the hand. This technique insures the gun will only read the baseball. Remember that today's guns read the ball immediately so be sure to press the trigger at the peak of release and do not clear the speed until the next throwing motion.

Tote A Tub

How many trips does it take to load in your full system? Do you know which box houses your bungee cords? Attention K-Mart shoppers! go to your local discount store and buy a large rubber tub, average price between $7 & $20. The tubs are big enough to hold everything except the cage, backstop and speed board displays. Throw the Tub on a dolly cart and your loaded in at 2 trips (1 if your coordinated). Most importantly, if everything is in one place, you're sure to not forget anything necessary... like baseballs; experience speaks!