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Quarterly Strike Newsletter Volume 15

Can I Hit The Broad Side Of My Base
Expanding readership means redifining target

This newsletter is always focused on helping the existing owners of a Mody Company Speed Pitching Booth get the most from this unique business opportunity. The increase in advertising that has begun in entrepreneurial based publications and the internet does however mean that many of my current leads and hopeful potential owners will also be receiving "Quarterly Strike". Potential owners and current owners must know that the support is always there before and after the sale.

I have tried to focus on strictly information and shyed away from sales pitches in my past articles but with the amount of leads generated from ad responses you may notice a more subtle effort to reach the potential buyer. Oh, most of you know my style, I'm not very slick or high powered, Hopefully simple sincerity, experience and a product that sells itself can get the job done. As much as people envision this being a fun cash business, there will always be some foot dragging in getting started; and that goes for most things in life. So, to my current owners, if I seem a bit focused on the motivational side of things other than straight helpful applications, Just keep in mind that some of what these potential owners need is also something that can apply to us all. Maybe as an owner you need to have that early enthusiasm again. However, most important is that I find a balance in getting you excited and keeping you informed.

How Avoiding 2 Common Household Objects Can Stop
You From Getting The Ball Rolling.

Organization & information, two important facets of running a successful venture. Both are easily attainable with two items we use every day, the pen and the phone. If you think there has to be more to success than these plastic oversights then you are not simplifying the equation. Either in starting or maintaining a venture you must always plan and network, get organized and be informed. So caress that pen and bring that phone close to your lips, never let them grow cold or be lacking in attention or they will turn vindictive and jam the rolling ball right in it's tracks.

Start With Me!
The best source for initial questions concerning the speed pitching booth is of course, calling me; even after you buy a system. E-mail is a nice to say howdy or to request info but you really need to write down questions and speak with me in a manner that allows you to respond upon my replies. This is especially true for potential buyers. Don't sit home in ignorance afraid of pressure selling or concerned that I'll make note of how little you have used your existing system. Don't allow foot dragging to keep you from being informed. It's dead weight.

List & Call
Now, for your new venture or new approach, list out the incidental expenses like baseballs, prizes, signage, etc, and then list out potential events you know of specifically or contacts you know in youth leagues, civic organizations or event vendors. There's a long list of general events in my promo info or on my web site but I'm referring to specific events to your region.

The intent is to speak with people that have knowledge or contact with the event or personnel to gain inside information on the event, Now I'm not suggestion some covert inside info operation, you simply want to know what to expect before making a "pitch" to the right person. A fair may sound great coming from the director but what about from the vendors who attend. Knowledge of costs, traffic, location and other concerns in advance can be helpful in determining if your projected bottom line can work with his space fees. It also gives you an chance to include information that may be important in their decision to let you vend at an event. Say that size requirements are important. Omitting the compactness of the system in your talks to a director with preconceived ideas of the set-up can be an undisclosed reason why he refused you. They don't always give you a genuine reason for refusal.

Coordinate Info:
Next, pick up the phone and call the sources of regional events listing to receive events calendars by mail. Even if you don't set up at an event it's important to attend some to gain vendor contact. Please, make these calls and make a list by date on a calendar or day planner of each event for a given weekend. Hopefully every weekend will have 3 or 4 potential events either from these calendars or the previous list of know events. Try and gain the incidentals of the event like space fees and other requirements without directly letting on to your business. Compare this information with each event per weekend to get priority of which events you would like to attend. When eventually speaking with the proper contact you will have the advantage by having superior knowledge on them as they have on you.

Keep in mind there usually is no need for this covert process. Most promoters or directors are friendly and anxious to have you attend but many big, high traffic events can be a bit speculative about new vendors. Say all the right things and you should be soon making cash at most.

Follow Up!

Making notes on events is also helpful. Remember to factor in food and travel expenses but even more important, be descriptive of the type and make-up of the event. You may notice similarities over time that will help decide if you attend future events that fit the profile. Finally, please be sure to let a promoter know of displeasure in writing with tact and professional concerns. Do not be afraid to call them to discuss remedies to your correspondence. Keep in mind they want your business and adjustments in future fees or locations can be negotiated.

Piece Of Cake

Listing Events by Ease of Booking. 

Soccer Tournaments

In every respect these events are gems. Soccer America gives a monthly list of tournaments by state. Simply call the contact, briefly explain your set-up and offer to give them 20%. For the most part you will be left alone to operate at your discretion. Show up and leave when you want. Running these tournaments is a daunting task. Being self sufficient is a big plus to them.

Flea Markets

The simplicity here is that they generally are only concerned with filling up space. What you do is usually not a factor. The charge a flat fee but it's usually pretty cheap, $20 to $50. Again you should have no one breathing down your back concerning hours. I've had business at 6:30 am at flea markets so get there early and stay until your satisfied.

Event Concession Sites

These are not fairs but specific subject events that have a concessions row. Car & air shows, parades and the like have an interest in diversifying beyond the event subject. Plus dead space means money from vendors to fill it. It's important to keep the crowd occupied so an extra activity is generally welcome. Size and reputation of event will determine price. They like you to be prompt but you can generally pack up when reasonably desired.

Fairs & Carnivals

Now we begin to find personnel being a bit more interested in how you run your operation; the professionalism of the set-up, hours open, price & prizes offered, etc. The fairs have a standard traveling group of rides, games & concessions but they do sublet to independents on a per event basis. Even as an independent your presentation will reflect on the fair so they will expect you to abide by their policies. Personnel can range from being extremely helpful to real jerks but remember that they have many issue to contend with and having large liability risks at all times can make them very abrupt and unyielding.

However, larger county fairs tend to have vendors separate from the midway run by the rides company. Their concern is to fill the extra space and tend to the activities of coordinating the fair. So, once you are in you can pretty much run your own show. It's usually a 6 day run for them not a show to show, week to week grind like the midway companies so personnel will tend to be a bit more workable with your needs.


There are 2 ways to book a mall, directly from the mall or go through a promoter holding an event like a sports card show. I doubt it is affordable to rent from the mall but the promoters will be fairly reasonable, generally around $60 a day. It's only a matter of time before every mall personnel from maintenance to the front office will be critiquing every move you make in every inch you occupy. There are so many rules and standards it can get frustrating but I really enjoy malls. The audience is captive, the booth is unique to the mall and it can be a nice relaxed atmosphere. The trick is not to spend the money you make!

Out of Curiosity

I'm sure you owners can smile with me when I say that the amount of questions asked about the booth at an event can be sometimes daunting. There certainly seems to be alot of questions about where you can get one or what made you think of it. Do you ever think twice, however, when someone asks you how much you make. Some people are comfortable bragging, others are not but do you ever consider the persons ulterior motive for asking. The truth is, I'm generally carrying between $200 and $1,000 made at the booth so do I really want someone to know that. I've never had an incident but you must consider your comfort level in having that much cash. Usually when I get a large amount of ones I'll count 50 out and place them in a separate pocket or safe area. Even big bills after a while I try to place separately. Because I sell the booths I'm stuck between letting people know how well I do and wanting to keep financial info private. The cash you make is very public simply by the volume of business the booth generates. Again, even though I've gone without incident, flaunting or disclosing your cash is probably not in your best interest. It's just common sense.

Bonus Prize Throw!

You may have noticed that guessing baseball speeds is a bit easier than guessing soccer kicks. Prize winning is important to the booth but from a business perspective, the skill requirements must meet with the financial requirements. With baseball I created the bonus "prize" throw. For $2 the contestant gets 5 throws and they must guess the speed of their last pitch, that's standard. However, that last guess if correct get's them an extra sixth pitch bonus throw. On that throw if they guess correctly then they win a prize. It's a double win actually, an extra throw and a potential prize. Believe me, there are plenty of winners in this format and you'll save on reorder phone bill calls.

News & Notes

Confession time, my proof reading over the past few years has been atrocious. Really I try but I can't catch my goofs. As some of you know, it can be pretty bad. So, I promise to have a 2nd party at least glance over this publication before it's printed. Thanks for understanding.

Anyone buying or upgrading to the "B" cage may want to do so before February. The manufacturer get's caught up in spring training orders and it could take a month to get you a cage. Potential owners, don't drag your feet, order early.

You may have noticed the gem stone chosen for the "In This Issue" Border. You may also recall that in past issues I may have made reference to a very important person in rather indirect ways.Well, I'm proud to say she can now be called Fiance. It was even published here before our local papers, aren't you people special.